None of my friends are taking my modeling and acting career seriously…

April 22, 1964, Wednesday. Lauri and I got on one of our deep talks about sex.

Told Bonnie finally about my modeling and acting audition. Vicki kinda made a joke about it. It made me hate her. I didn’t want to tell anyone until I was sure about it. After school Lauri and I went shopping. I picked up a suit for Mommy, it cost $100.00, but she was mad about it, because the fur collar was wrecked. She brought it back. Lauri and I talked about sex again. We’re sure we’re never getting married and I told her I still loved Howard – but, I’d go steady with Dave K. and Doug C. just to forget him. Doug called, we’re going to a company party Friday. He’s such a BUG!

saffrons rule suit with fur collar

I’d buy my Mom things I could borrow and this was a very popular look in 1964.

saffrons rule married

No, I’ve decided I’m never getting married…

saffrons rule Supermodels

Instead I’m going to be a model and actress.  

That lasted until I met my future husband in 1970.  I still wanted to have an acting career even after we got married in 1973, but as the years went on, I decided I wanted to write a book and become a published author.

So check it out.

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Sharrie Williams is the author of The Maybelline Story and a direct descendant of the Maybelline Cosmetic Family. Great niece of Maybelline founder Tom Lyle Williams. Buy a signed copy today.
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