Living two lives….one with my friends and one with my family

May 10, 1964, Sunday. Sure hope Dave still likes me. Mothers Day.

Was so uncomfortable sleeping at Lauri’s. Didn’t hardly sleep at all in her bed with Snowball her cat, which I’m allergic to. Mommy was still hurt from last Friday after I was so mean to her. I went home about 11:00. I wanted to go to the beach, but decided to stay home for Mothers Day. I’m so scared to go to school tomorrow. I’m still not ready with my Play Review. Felt sad today, it was such a wasted weekend and I don’t think Dave wants to go out with me and we’re supposed to double with Jack and Sandy Block next week. But, Jack said he would talk to Dave. Dave is sorta weird. He doesn’t pay any attention to me unless he wants to.

saffrons rule he's just not that into you

saffrons rule break up

Looking back now, I can see that Dave and I had nothing in common and he just wasn’t that into me.  He was too laid back to deal with my high maintenance Drama.  He loved the Ocean and Surfing …and wasn’t a big party animal like me.  But, it was hard letting him go, because he was so cute and I liked being seen with him.

saffrons rule mothers day

I needed to stay home for once and try and make amends to my Mother after throwing my shoes at her and saying terrible things… just because she made me stay home and babysit Friday night.  I felt like I was living two lives….one with my friends and one with my family.  I wish I could have been a better teenage daughter.


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