I had to go to Nana’s for Valium, Muscle Relaxers and Sleeping Pills.

June 27.1964, Saturday. Sick
June 28, 1964, Sunday. Sick

Granddaddy and Mary came over. They’re on their Honeymoon. Granddaddy brought us each an Indian Necklace and a Kennedy half dollar. I was shocked how much Mary looks like Mayme, except she has dark eyes. She has heavy features too. Granddaddy looked years younger. Also acted different too. I tried to talk to them, but I finally had to go to bed. Still sick as ever.

June 29, 1964, Monday. Sick.

Well I couldn’t make school. Still too sick. Can’t shake it loose, I can’t understand how I’ve become sick again after so long. My nervous system is shot, my nerves feel like there hanging out.  I went to Nana’s to get some drugs to relax and get out of pain. I need some quiet. The TV is on all the time here. Donna always plays the record player and the phone keeps ringing in the bedroom for Donna or me. Also, the kid’s friends are here and we always have company over. I think I’m going to die I’m in so much pain and I can’t keep anything on my stomach. Nana’s apartment is always quiet and she takes care of me so I can sleep

saffrons rule madhouse

My family should have had it’s own Reality Show in 1964.

Imagine my 75 year old grandfather, bringing over his 70 year old Bride while they were on their Honeymoon.  Not to mention the constant cast of characters coming and going, records blasting, TV droning day and night, phones ringing nonstop and little kids running around with their friends.  It’s no wonder I couldn’t do homework or get decent grades.  I had to go to Nana’s for Valium, Muscle Relaxers and Sleeping Pills.  Drugs helped me let go and sleep when I was so sick.  Too much excitement isn’t good for anyone no matter what age.

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