My parents surprised me by having my 1957 Chevy painted for Christmas

December 26, 1964, Sunday. Got my 1957 Chevy Painted!

Today we returned some of the clothes we got for Christmas. I returned my coat and got some blue capris and $170.00 credit… Then I got the biggest surprise ever!  Mom and Dad got my car painted! I was never so surprised ever! It’s just like a brand new car. I just loved it!! I can’t believe they did this for me. I just love them! Mommy returned her $40.00 robe I got her and got a blue sweater and a blazer. I sat under my new sun-lamp tonight and it really works!!! I’m getting tan. I’ll look like I went to Palm Springs for Christmas. I stayed home and rested tonight. I’m exhausted from the holidays.

saffrons rule 57 chevy and meMy parents showed their appreciation of me working two jobs just to be able to buy them great Christmas presents, by having my car painted.  It looked so shiny and new and was so unexpected that it really made it the best Christmas ever.  1965 was going to be a great year.

saffrons rule sun lamp 2One of my favorite Christmas presents was a sun lamp, which I used everyday in the dead of Winter.  It really worked and made me look healthy and tan all year round.

saffrons rule sun lamp glasses

I had to wear sun goggles to protect my eyes… so you can imaging how funny I must have looked with giant curlers in my hair getting a tan in the bathroom with these on.

sharrie santa barbara 2

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