This Christmas Unk Ile announced he was going to sell the Maybelline Company

December 25, 1964, Saturday. My Fair Lady opens today

Was too tired to get up with the kids. Slept until 2:00. I got a white leather coat lined in black fur, with a hood, which I didn’t like, so I’m taking it back. Also got my wine and pink colored capri outfit I wanted and I love it! Mom and Dad loved the things I gave them. They were so sweet. Unk Ile, Jean and Al and their kids, my cousin John Huber from Chicago, plus the whole family came over. It was a big night!  But, it didn’t seem like Christmas to me. I’m sad I’m not a little kid anymore and no longer believe in Santa Claus. I just hate to get presents for some reason, but, I’ve discovered after working so hard, that I love to give them to others. I got $10.00 from Unk Ile and $35.00 cash from Mary and Granddaddy. I was very sad to see Mary in Mayme’s place with Granddaddy.


Christmas card from Maybelline


Unk Ile, was my dad’s uncle and Godfather.  He was also the founder and owner of the Maybelline Company.  He came to our house every year for Christmas and gave us kids a crispy $10.00 bill in a card.  We all looked forward to this because in 1964,  $10;00 could buy about $70.00 worth of things at today’s value.

Christmas card from Maybelline 001


The eyes open in this card when you pulled a tab, showing the thick black Maybelline mascara.  It was signed Lots of love from Unk Ile.

Christmas family pictures 010


My dad in front of the Christmas Tree, he decorated every year.  We all dressed up for Christmas when Unk Ile was coming over.

Christmas family pictures 011


Though he is laughing with Nana, Unk Ile was very sad this Christmas, because his lifetime partner, Emery Shaver had died a couple months before.  It was after Emery’s death that Unk Ile, decided to sell the Maybelline Company and began to look for a buyer.  It would take three years, to find the perfect buyer and finally sold to Plough Inc. December 1967.

Villa Valentino 1940's TL and Emery 005


Tom Lyle Williams, on the left with Emery Shaver, at the Villa Valentino, in the Hollywood Hills during the 1940’s.  They had been together for nearly 50 years at Emery’s unexpected death…Emery was only 61 years of age.  


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