I don’t know how to dance like the kid’s at Westchester High.

January 28, 1964, Tuesday. Hard day, tired, no Saffron meeting, Finals.

Drove to school, took Marilyn and Vera. The American Lit final was sooooo hard. After school went to Lauri’s. Made tuna sandwiches and then fell asleep. Bought two Supremes, 45’s (records) at White Fronts, then went to Andy’s for pizza. Went home, Mommy told me the school called to see if I was cramming. I think it was one of my friends. Picked up Donna (my sister,) from school then bought some black shoes. Came home. Howard called, said he was going to teach me to drive his car a stick shift. He’s going to pick me up from school tomorrow. Went to the store and bought some bread. Came home and studied shorthand until 11;00. Janice is having a party Friday but Howard has to work. Guess I won’t go. Angie’s in the Hospital.

You can be sure I was buying every Supreme 45 record in 1964.

January 29, 1964, Wednesday-— Bitchen day- felt so sorry for Ernie, Howard thinks he’s so great.

Snuck out of gym to meet Howard. He got a new radio in his car. He tried to teach me to drive his stick. Went to Westchester High. It was Bitchen! All these boys came up to me. Couldn’t find Ernie. Saw Eric with his girlfriend. Howard knew everyone there. Teacher caught him, so we had to get off the campus. We’re going to the “Grand” with three other couples Saturday. I don’t know what to wear, or how to dance like those kids, (Dirty Dancing.)   Came home, kissed him goodbye. Cleaned the house. Went shopping, saw Fred, told him I was back with Howard. He said I should be a Lady Wrestler cause I fight boys so off so much. I ironed 30 pieces of clothes tonight. Mom is sick. 

Saffrons rule stick shift

saffrons rule lady wrestler

Dancing at The Whiskey A Go Go! (1964)

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