National Lampoon’s “Animal House” was like the night we spent at UCLA’s Frat-Parties

 September 12, 1964, Saturday. Got locked out of Nana’s Appartment at 3:30 am. Almost called Howard for help.

Got up and went to the pool. Had to take my little sister and brother, Billee and Preston. Tried to get a tan. Came home to our apartment # 7. Pearl and I ate and took a nap. We got dressed and went to UCLA Frat Parties. You couldn’t believe it! Every house had a band!! Boys were all over the street. They told us how beautiful we were and they loved my long hair. THIS WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR!! It was a world of kids and parties. We went from house to house, but I shook most of the boys off, because I wasn’t interested in them. They called me a snob and everything else. One darling boy, Neal, was so conceited he thought he was a god. Two boys were going to take us to Newport Beach, right on the spot, but Pearl wouldn’t go. We got home at at 2:00 am and couldn’t find the keys to get in the apartment. It was soooo terrible!! We actually tried to sleep in my car, but we froze. We went to Marilyn Collier’s, but she wasn’t home.   At 3:00 am we drove to Howard’s for help. Just when I opened my wallet for a dime to call him, the key fell out!!! So, we went home and snuck up the apartment stairs at 3:30 am. We were so happy to get home, but what an experience. I’ll never forget it!

saffrons rule UCLA Fraternity Row

saffrons rule UCLA 2

Saffrons Rule UCLA frat parties

saffrons rule UCLA frat parties 3

saffrons rule UCLA frat parties 4


National Lampoon’s Animal House 

Done with Surfers for a while… we were out to snag a College Boy… This was the best day of 1964 for me, until we got locked out of Nana’s apartment at 3:00 in the morning. When I saw Animal House in 1978, I remembered my night at UCLA’s Frat-Parties and realized I had been part of a historical or should I say a historical moment in time.


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