The Marketts – Surfer’s Stomp….. Surfer Stomp was a dance craze in California in the early 60’s when surf rock was popular.

March 21 Saffron Bake Sale. Saturday. Didn’t make up with Howard, guess we never will.

Was planning on going to the beach, but was too cold, so went to the Saffron Bake Sale. We made almost $20.00. Angie K, Judy and I went to Lew’s to give them some posters for our Saffron Surfer Stomp. Angie and Judy thought all the guys were Scuzzy. They were too. Howard wasn’t there. We put a poster in the Westchester Music Store and the Fountain in Playa Del Rey. Granddaddy said I could drive my car to Crestline. Went to a party with Lauri. Was bored, they were all ugly guy’s. I had no fun. Took Lauri to meet Mike at 11:00. He acted like he liked me. He asked if I was still with Howard. He wants to go out with me. What should I do? Lauri loves him.

There was an unspoken girlfriend code of Honor, that said, you never, ever went out with any guy your girlfriend ever went out with.  So though I thought Mike was cute, I’d never go out with him behind Lauri’s back.

saffrons ruleStompDance

                                                Surfers Stomp Dance in the ‘60s

Stomping Hermosa Beach California in 1965

The Marketts – Surfer’s Stomp 1962

Surfer Stomp was a dance craze in California in the early 60’s when surf rock was popular.  I remember Stomping so hard, my shoes stuck to the floor and kept coming off… making it very difficult to look cool.  

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