The Supremes “Come See About Me,” was my song, while waiting for Howard to come back to me

March 23, 1964, Monday. Busy Day. Leaving for Crestline Tomorrow.

Mom and Dad came home last night. They had a great time on their trip to San Francisco, but, Dad looked sick. Rained all day. Had my car radio fixed for the trip. I brought all my Capris, blouses and skirts to be cleaned. Packed suitcase. Bringing enough clothes to stay a week, but, have nothing to really keep warm in. Tomorrow is my sister Donna’s Birthday, she’ll be 15. She went to look at Surf Boards. She wants to buy a second hand one for $70.00,but she didn’t like Moselle Boards, so didn’t get it. Went out to eat with Nana. All she talked about was her head. Sure hope there isn’t anything really wrong with it. Found out we’re not leaving in the morning because of heavy snow. Now we may not go! DAMNED!

saffrons rule packing 2

It was ridiculous the amount of clothes I packed and not even any snow clothes. I still pack too much when I travel.  No wonder I’m not a big travel-buff.

saffrons rule surfboards by moselle

$70.00 in 1964 for a Longboard would equal several hundred dollars today and that was second hand.  Wow!  No wonder Donna was picky about the Surfboard she wanted to spend her Birthday money on.

saffrons rule snowAlways a Drama Queen, I was hysterical after packing and getting my 57 Chevy, ready for the Saffron’s big trip to Crestline.  Will we go?

Check back and find out.

 Supremes Come See About Me.

I really wanted to go to Crestline with the Saffrons to distract myself from my breakup with Howard.  I hoped he’d eventually “come see about me” and when he did, I’d act cool because I was doing exciting things.

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