A deathbed vow to my grandmother, gave away the secret of my black wig


October 5, 1964, Monday. Wore black wig to school

People almost died, some liked it, some didn’t. I told them I cut my hair and they wouldn’t believe it, especially Lauri, Bonnie, Angie and Vicky, so by the end of the day I told my close friends it was a wig. I’m going to wear it all week I Dianne S. will let me continue to borrow it. They boy’s hated it!! People are making bets to see if it’s real or not. My men teachers didn’t like it and they seemed mad about it. Some friends knew I’d never really cut off my long hair, because I promised my grandmother, Mayme, before she died. I sort of like the color, it’s so tough (bitchen) having long and short hair.


Saffrons rule Lauri Goldsmith 001


saffrons rule Bonnie Cavaliere


Saffrons Rule Angie Kamola

saffrons rule Vicki Varlatta



My grandmother, Mayme, (on my mother’s side,)  died the year before in 1963.  Losing her to Cancer was a terrible shock, because we loved her so much and believe it or not, I didn’t know anyone who’d ever died of Cancer.  She asked me on her deathbed, to keep my hair long and I promised I always would. So, of course, my closest friends, including Lauri, Bonnie, Angie and Vicky, knew I’d never cut it off and dye it black.

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