Someday My Prince Will Come, but until he does, I will go to Patricia Stevens Modeling School and have a career

April 20, 1964, Monday. Going out with Dave K. and Doug C. this weekend.

Nothing much happened today, everyone asked about Dave and Doug. I told Bonnie and Angie that I still loved Howard, as a matter of fact I think I told everyone. I also told a couple of kids about Patricia Stevens Modeling School and my acting career. I’m afraid of all the hard work and disappointments ahead. I only hope I make something of this and not just talk about it. The kid’s think it’s a phony deal and I can’t help finding it hard to believe all the promises they told me. I felt sad I listened to my sad records and cried tonight. Then Dave called and asked me to a party Saturday. I’m going to a party with Doug Friday night. I would rather go alone because I bet Howard will be there.


Patricia Stevens Modeling Pose, but my heart isn’t really in it, too hard.  It would be much easier to be a Princess in my  Fairy Tale World.


I grew up on the promise that “Someday My Prince Will Come”  and rescue me from having to try and fail at a modeling and acting career. I went through the motions and completed everything I started, but still hoped for the promise of true live to come true.  That was 1964, before Women’s Lib changed that thinking….Or did it!

Snow White – Someday My Prince Will Come (Barbra Streisand)

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