The Beatles – I saw Her Standing There….. Looking too perfect, intimidated boys and left me standing there alone.

March 25,1964, Wednesday. Pretty much fun t get away. (Howard gets his car back today.)

Got off about 10:00. Got to Crestline about 1:00. We stopped to get antifreeze in the car and eat. Everyone named me Barbie Doll, because of all the matching capris, sweaters and scarves I brought. We got to the cabin and unpacked. We went driving around. Weren’t any cute boys. Bought some rain boots cause all I brought was tennis shoes. That night we all got dressed up to go out. I wore my yellow capris and Black fur sweater. Everyone wore my sweaters and capris. Went looking for parties. Went to some apartment, all the boys were drunk. There were two cute boys… Followed them to find some party. It was a “HANG.” We almost froze. Went back and talked to some boys in the bowling alley. The two cute boys liked me and Jayne. They thought we were sisters. They called me a phony and a “Put on.” One boy said I was the perfect girl for the song “She was just Seventeen. I told him I was 16. He was shocked, thought I was older.  

Saffrons rule barbie

My Saffron name was Barbie Doll and when my friends needed to look knock-out perfect, they raided my closet, and borrowed my beautiful outfits.  I even did their hair and makeup for them.  The Maybelline Girl, gave them the stamp of Barbie Doll perfection

saffrons rule clothes

Phony…Put-On…Too Perfect
something that isn’t what it actually is, or someone pretending to be someone they are not. Not being real.  I guess I hid behind my perfect clothes, perfect makeup and hair, but didn’t have a clue how to be my real self.  I created my own Sharrie Brand of fashion, style and attitude, but I didn’t know how to be authentic, or I thought  “authentic  wouldn’t be popular.”   I was a wanna-be and compared myself with models in magazines or Stars in Film.  My friends liked to put on the Sharrie clothes, because it drew attention to them.  Made them look “Put Together.”  That’s why I didn’t look 16…. a 16 year old wasn’t a sophisticated Hollywood Snob.

The Beatles – I saw Her Standing There (She Was Just 17.)

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